/422///-----///https://img1.daumcdn.net/thumb/R750x0/?scode=mtistory2&fname=https%3A%2F%2Fblog.kakaocdn.net%2Fdn%2FbhYJqY%2FbtrxLRbA45C%2Fw9yzEmEkLG3DGY52sAnqT0%2Fimg.jpg///-----///팝송영어///-----///2022. 3. 28. 20:24///-----///Yesterday Once More///-----///「The Carpenters」 Carpenters - Yesterday Once More When I was young I'd listen to the radio Waitin' for my favorite songs When they played I'd sing along It made me smile. 어렸을 때 라디오를 듣곤 했어 좋아하는 노래를 기다리면서 노래가 나오면 나는 노래를 했지 날 웃게 했어 Those were such happy times And not so long ago How I wondered where they'd gone But they're back again Just like a long lost friend All the songs I loved so well. 이런 것이..///*****/// /421///-----///https://img1.daumcdn.net/thumb/R750x0/?scode=mtistory2&fname=https%3A%2F%2Fblog.kakaocdn.net%2Fdn%2FpN6Ce%2FbtqBGYUjJQJ%2FSSIdVG4MY4izFSOcAFS4q1%2Fimg.jpg///-----///팝송영어///-----///2020. 2. 4. 17:47///-----///Imagine///-----///「John Lennon」 John Lennon - Imagine Imagine there's no heaven, It's easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky, Imagine all the people living for today... 천국도 없고 우리 아래 지옥도 없고 오직 위에 하늘만 있다고 생각해봐요 노력해보면 어려운 일이 아니예요 오늘 하루에 충실하게 살아가는 사람들을 상상해 봐요 Imagine there's no countries, It isn't hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, No religion too, Imagine all the people living life in peace... 국가라..///*****/// /416///-----///https://img1.daumcdn.net/thumb/R750x0/?scode=mtistory2&fname=https%3A%2F%2Ft1.daumcdn.net%2Fcfile%2Ftistory%2F999CE44C5B7D4EBD17///-----///팝송영어///-----///2018. 8. 22. 20:55///-----///Hard To Say I'm Sorry///-----///「Chicago」 Hard To Say I'm Sorry - Chicago Everybody needs a little time away I heard her say, "from each other" “Even lovers need a holiday far away from each other" 모든 사람은 서로가 조금 떨어져 시간을 갖는 것이 필요하다고 그녀가 말하는 걸 들었어요. 사랑하는 사람들조차도 서로에게서 멀리 떨어져 휴일이 필요하죠 Hold me now It's hard for me to say I'm sorry I just want you to stay After all that we've been through I will make it up to you I promise to And af..///*****/// /399///-----///https://img1.daumcdn.net/thumb/R750x0/?scode=mtistory2&fname=https%3A%2F%2Ft1.daumcdn.net%2Fcfile%2Ftistory%2F997929415B6D295E1A///-----///팝송영어///-----///2018. 8. 10. 15:00///-----///Careless Whisper///-----///「Wham!」 Careless Whisper - Wham! I feel so unsure, As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor As the music dies ..Something in your eyes, calls to mind the silver screen ,And you're its sad good-bye. 너무 자신이 없어요. 당신의 손을 잡고 댄스플로어로 이끌때 마다 음악이 그치자.. 당신 눈속의 무언가가 영화를 연상시키고그리고 당신은 슬픈 안녕을 하지요 I'm never gonna dance again, Guilty feet have got no rhythm. Though it's easy to pretend, I know you're..///*****/// /383///-----///https://img1.daumcdn.net/thumb/R750x0/?scode=mtistory2&fname=https%3A%2F%2Ft1.daumcdn.net%2Fcfile%2Ftistory%2F99D3BF335B50A70112///-----///팝송영어///-----///2018. 7. 20. 00:16///-----///Without You///-----///「Harry Nilsson」 Without you - Harry Nilsson No I can't forget this evening, Or your face as you were leaving. But I guess that's just the way the story goes. You always smile but in your eyes your sorrow shows. Yes it shows 오, 나는 이 밤을 잊지 못할 거예요. 그리고 떠날 때의 당신 얼굴모습도 잊을 수 없어요 그러나 결국은 다 이렇게 되는 건가 봐요 당신은 언제나 미소를 짓고 있지만, 당신의 눈 속엔 슬픔이 넘치고 있어요 그래요, 슬픔이 넘치고 있지요 No I can't forget tomorrow, When I think of..///*****/// /364///-----///https://img1.daumcdn.net/thumb/R750x0/?scode=mtistory2&fname=https%3A%2F%2Ft1.daumcdn.net%2Fcfile%2Ftistory%2F99880E485B4DE64807///-----///팝송영어///-----///2018. 7. 17. 21:53///-----///Honesty///-----///「Billy Joel」 Honesty - Billy Joel If you search for tenderness It isn't hard to find You can have the love you need to live But if you look for truthfulness You might just as well be blind It always seems to be so hard to give 여러분들이 부드러움을 찾는다면 그건 찾기가 어렵지 않아요 여러분들은 살면서 필요한 사랑도 얻을 수 있어요 하지만 여러 분이 진실함을 찾고 있다면 눈이 안 보이는 사람마냥 찾기도 힘들고 항상 주기도 너무나 어렵답니다 Honesty is such a lonely word Everyone is so untrue..///*****/// /355///-----///https://img1.daumcdn.net/thumb/R750x0/?scode=mtistory2&fname=https%3A%2F%2Ft1.daumcdn.net%2Fcfile%2Ftistory%2F99A983505B4B324F05///-----///팝송영어///-----///2018. 7. 15. 20:40///-----///Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word///-----///「Elton John」 Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - Elton John What have I got to do to make you love me What have I got to do to make you care What do I do when lightning strikes me And I wake to find that you're not there 어떻게 해야 당신이 날 사랑해 줄까요 어떻게 해야 당신이 나에게 관심을 보일까요 조명이 나에게 비출 때 나는 어떻게 해야 하나요 깨어보니 당신은 그곳에 없네요 What do I do to make you want me What have I got to do to be heard What do I say when i..///*****/// /348///-----///https://img1.daumcdn.net/thumb/R750x0/?scode=mtistory2&fname=https%3A%2F%2Ft1.daumcdn.net%2Fcfile%2Ftistory%2F999753495B44BAB80B///-----///팝송영어///-----///2018. 7. 10. 23:00///-----///Let It Be///-----///「Beatles」 Let It Be - Beatles When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. And in my hour of darkness 내가 고통의 시간에 처해 있을 때 어머니가 다가 오셔서 지혜로운 말씀을 해주십니다. 그냥 두거라 나의 어두운 시간 속에서도 She is standing right in front of me Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. Let it be, let it be. Whisper words of wisdom, let it be. 어머니는 바로 내 앞에 서서 지혜로운 말씀을 해주십니다. 그냥 두어라 그..///*****/// /344///-----///https://img1.daumcdn.net/thumb/R750x0/?scode=mtistory2&fname=https%3A%2F%2Ft1.daumcdn.net%2Fcfile%2Ftistory%2F9948DE495B3F41AA18///-----///팝송영어///-----///2018. 7. 6. 19:20///-----///Bridge Over Troubled Water///-----///「Simon and Garfunkel」 Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel When you’re weary, feeling small When tears are in your eyes I will dry them all I’m on your side Oh when times get rough and friends just can’t be found Like a bridge over troubled Water I will lay me down 당신이 지치고 스스로 초라하다고 느낄때 당신의 눈에 눈물이 고일때 내가 그 눈물을 말려 드리겠습니다. 살기 힘들고 친구도 찾아볼 수 없는 순간에 내가 당신의 편이 돼 드리겠습니다. 마치 거친 풍랑속에서도 버텨내는 다리처..///*****/// /331///-----///https://img1.daumcdn.net/thumb/R750x0/?scode=mtistory2&fname=https%3A%2F%2Ft1.daumcdn.net%2Fcfile%2Ftistory%2F997440405B39E6D732///-----///팝송영어///-----///2018. 7. 2. 17:52///-----///Dancing Queen///-----///「Abba」 Dancing Queen - Abba You can dance, you can jive, 당신은 춤출 수 있어요, 자이브를 출 수 있어요 having the time of your life 당신의 삶의 시간을 즐기면서 See that girl, watch that scene, 저 소녀를 보아요, 저 장면을 보아요 dig in the Dancing Queen Friday night 금요일 밤 춤추는 여왕을 잘 보아요 and the lights are low 그리고 불빛은 낮게 드리우고 Looking out for the place to go 괜찮은 음악을 연주하는 Where they play the right music, 가볼 만한 곳을 찾으면 getting in the swing 당신은 스윙..///*****/// /297///-----///https://img1.daumcdn.net/thumb/R750x0/?scode=mtistory2&fname=https%3A%2F%2Ft1.daumcdn.net%2Fcfile%2Ftistory%2F996BC04D5B331A9101///-----///팝송영어///-----///2018. 6. 27. 14:02///-----///Yesterday///-----///「The Beatles」 Yesterday - Beatles Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away Now it looks as though they´re here to stay Oh, I believe in yesterday 예전에는 모든 걱정들이 멀게만 느껴졌습니다 이제 그 근심들이 여기 제게 다가온 것 같습니다 예전이 좋았죠 Suddenly, I´m not half the man I used to be There´s a shadow hanging over me Oh, yesterday came suddenly 갑자기 전 예전의 절반밖에 안 되는 사람이 되 버렸습니다 제게는 그림자가 드리워져 있죠 문득 지난날이 떠 오릅니다 Why she had to go I..///*****/// /288///-----///https://img1.daumcdn.net/thumb/R750x0/?scode=mtistory2&fname=https%3A%2F%2Ft1.daumcdn.net%2Fcfile%2Ftistory%2F9916303A5B31B9DC26///-----///팝송영어///-----///2018. 6. 26. 12:59///-----///Lost Stars///-----///「Keira Knightley, 비긴 어게인 OST」 Lost Stars - Keira Knightley비긴 어게인 OST Please, don't seeJust a boy caught up in dreamsAnd fantasies나를 그져 꿈과 환상에 빠진소년으로보지 말아요 Please, see meReaching out for someoneI can't see제발, 내가 나도 모르는누군가를 향해 다가가는내 모습을 보아요 Take my handLet's see where we wake up tomorrowBest laid plansSometimes are just a one night stand내 손을 잡고 우리가내일 어떤 장소에서 일어날지를 보러가요가끔 완벽한 계획들은 어긋나서그져 하룻밤의 꿈으로 끝..///*****///